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Nilesh, Solution Specialist

What do you do at Newsec?
I work as a Solution Specialist within Newsecs Business Intelligence and Analytics Service (BIAS) team. My role is to lead and deliver BI solutions across the Newsec group working very closely with the businesses in Finland, Norway and Denmark.

What do you like the best about working at Newsec?
The best thing working at Newsec is the freedom to explore. Since I started in 2020, I have learned a lot and had opportunities to develop. This of course, comes from the fact that we have a very strong and inspirational leadership team guiding us through our journey. I get to be part of decision making within the team which makes me feel very honored and entrusted with responsibility. I can proudly say that working with the BIAS team at Newsec has been one of my best experiences.

What attracted you to Newsec?
When I started in 2020, Newsec was undergoing a major transformation journey within the data and analytics area. For me, it was very exciting to be part of this journey since it offered me a lot of opportunities for learning and development. Also, I got to explore a new domain of business, the real estate market. Previously, I worked within automotive and retail domain.