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Daniela, Group Sustainability Director

What do you do at Newsec?
As Group Sustainability Director I am working closely with all business areas and in all the countries we act within. My focus lies on setting the direction for Newsec’s sustainability work, both our sustainability service offering and our internal footprint.

Most of my work I do in collaboration with management teams and with a network of sustainability professionals around the organisation. Together we ensure that our efforts within sustainability supports the business strategies and plans and meet client needs today and tomorrow.

At Newsec we are working with sustainability in a holistic manner and are in the process to integrate sustainability in everything we do. In our line of work, we have possibilities to have a positive impact on both environmental and social sustainability. In practice this can mean for example focusing on innovative energy solutions, implementing digital solutions into property management to support our clients in reducing their environmental footprint, re-using of materials in connection to renovation projects or ensuring safety in housing areas where we are responsible for facility management. Within sustainability there are also enormous potential to have a positive impact on the environment and societies, and simultaneously create new business. I strive to inspire and support the different business areas to tap into this potential.

Without our talented colleagues we couldn’t do the great work within sustainability that we do and one of my responsibilities is also to support them in their competence development. We have sustainability trainings and are continuously developing new courses and information packages to ensure our colleagues receive the latest information in the field of sustainability.

What do you like the best about working at Newsec?
I am very happy to be working at Newsec as Group Sustainability Director. The work is international, the management teams are ambitious and serious about sustainability and colleagues have a true passion for improvement. In addition, Newsec has a renowned client focus and entrepreneurial mindset. Since starting at Newsec I have been met with positivity and a strong “let´s do it”- attitude.

What attracted you to Newsec?
What attracted me to Newsec is in line with what I like the best about working at Newsec; working in an international context, in a company with a sustainable business model, with high sustainability ambitions and drive to make a positive impact. I had also heard about the positive and inviting company culture.

I have my background within planning and construction, where a large focus was on new developments. As a person who is driven by sustainability, I really liked the thought of working at a company focusing on the already built. By developing, repurposing, and using existing buildings, we can in most cases reduce the negative environmental impact manyfold. Also, activities focusing on social sustainability are much more concrete and predictable because you can work with existing tenants, users, residents, and visitors.