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Interim solution for Järntorget

21. MAI 2023

 ▪ 1 Min lesetid

Henrik Hemminger

Head of Recruitment & Interim Solutions, Newsec Advisory in Sweden

Helena Salomonsson

Area Manager, Newsec Advisory in Sweden






Järntorget's main activity revolves around residential property development, beginning with acquiring land and finishing by handing over fully developed housing. The general goal is to be a value creating city builder and it is therefore important that the housing contributes to an attractive and vibrant city environment.

In 2019 Järntorget has been going through a period of change and was intending to recruit a large number of people to the organisation. Newsec assisted with the recruitment and whilst assisting there was a time period where a need existed to assist the operations through temporary interim consultants.

By temporarily hiring two project managers during the recruitment process, Järntorget was able to keep its rhythm and ensure the quality in the ongoing project.

When a need for project managers quickly arose, we contacted Newsec to see which interim solutions they could offer. We were immediately assisted and within a few days several interviews with different candidates were organised by Newsec. A week later we had two people on the scene, both incredibly competent. Today, eight months later, they are still both here as consultants


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